Watercolor Series Inspired by Downtown Charleston


I’ve been making a point to get out of the house more here lately. We always go do things on the weekend, but I managed to make a short trip downtown by myself one morning last week. We’ve been down there the past two weekends in a row as a family, as well.

Strolling the festive and cozy streets led me to start a watercolor series inspired by downtown Charleston. The downtown area is, afterall, my first love here. The beach is great, but downtown makes me swoon. The bare trees, the blowing leaves and the cool air are so refreshing. The photos I took of the area’s aged, cozy, southern homes are begging for some of my not quite straight lines, paint, and ink.

As you’ve seen on Facebook and Instagram, this is the first one I’ve finished and I’m starting another today. My goal is to finish at least five for the whole series. My trips downtown have renewed my thoughts and motivation. I’m in resolution mode and I think I’ve already established a couple.

To see more of my work with watercolor check out my portfolio here.

Christmas Flash Sale


Surprise!! I’m having a Christmas flash sale for my two most requested prints. For a limited time only you can order this octopus illustration or the hand lettered design for just $10 (normally $16), plus $6 for shipping. Both are 8″x10″ and do not come framed. These would be perfect to help check off another person–or two–on your Christmas list. As long as you order by Monday, they will be in your hands by Christmas.

Here’s the thing, I only have four of each in stock for this sale. Payments will be accepted via Paypal so be sure to include your email address when you order. You can place your order one of three ways:

  • Send me a message on Facebook
  • Fill out a contact form with your request
  • Email me: meghannlchapman@gmail.com

Hurry! Supplies are very limited!

Free Gift Tag Printable




Its officially that time of year: The Holiday Season. Today I have a triple feature for you all. First up is a sneak peak of this year’s Penelopy Paper Christmas Card collection. To see these and more, though, you’ll have to wait til Friday. Black Friday, that is.

Speaking of black Friday, November 28-30 when you spend $10 or more you will receive 15% off your order using the coupon code Christmas2014.


And finally. Just because you’re awesome, I have an early christmas present for you: free gift tags. Just download the PDF using the link below, then print and cut them out. I suggest using heavy paper such as card stock. I used brown paper but You can use any color you like. Just keep in mind, the darker the paper the harder it will be to see the ink.

Happy holidays!


Magnolia Plantation










When I discovered it was locals weekend at Magnolia Plantation it was a done deal. Free admission to a beautiful plantation just because we live here? Why the heck not? We’ve been living in Charleston for well over a year and I haven’t gotten to tour a single plantation yet. Its a tragedy if you ask me.

So that’s what we did. We spent a whole afternoon wandering the gardens and paths once inhabited by the Drayton family. They had a pretty good petting zoo with random deer, ducks, and chickens walking around. Bill and I were most interested in the (caged) bobcat, though. He was a gorgeous creature.

Bill and Lilie Jo climbed around on some of the giant oaks but I was dying to climb the stairs of the house itself. Alas, we didn’t make it to the ticket booth in time to secure tickets before the last tour. Oh, to sit in that tower and look out those top windows. Maybe another time. I managed to look into every window I could reach, instead. Swoon.

Walking around the property and looking back at these pictures definitely reminded me of how beautiful of a location we’re in. To know what all those old oaks have seen. War, love, revolution, change–so much change. Yes, I’m still crazy homesick for my people and Kentucky, but I could be missing them in worse places.

Penelopy Paper: Printable To Do List and Menu Planner



I have saved all of my planners since probably my junior year of high school. They’re kind of like diaries, I suppose, as I write down things that have happened, not just events and to do lists. I can physically pull them out of a box in the attic and flip the pages of my life back to the dumb decisions I made as a senior in high school or sophomore in college. Trust me, there’s a lot of them. But its fun to look back on.

My current planner is pretty small. I don’t like the giant ones that need a briefcase or backpack to carry around because then, it usually just doesn’t get carried around. Call me old fashioned, but I like to physically plan things out, not digitally. I like to pull out my paper and a pen or pencil to jot down whatever is going on.

Since my planner is so small, though, I’ve been running out of room filling it up with my daily to do lists. I sat down last week, though, and came up with a solution for that. I like a weekly to do list better than I notepad because it forces me to plan my week out. I get way more done this way. One week I totally slacked on my to do lists and, therefore, I was not productive in house or creative work.

Today I’m sharing my new list maker with you. In the Penelopy Paper shop for just $5 you can download my printable to do list and menu planner as many times as you want. Its yours for the taking and planning. I hope it brings more productivity into your days and weeks.

Thankfulness Journal



For the past few years I have participated in the month of thankfulness activity on Facebook. You know, where you post something you’re thankful for everyday in the month of November? This year, though, I decided to try something different. I wanted a way to get my little one involved so we grabbed one of my handmade notebooks from Penelopy Paper and started a thankfulness journal together. I merely had to suggest the idea and Lil wanted to start immediately.

Each day we both write, and usually illustrate, at least one thing we’re thankful for. Its a great way to reinforce thankfulness not just in my daily life, but also my child’s. Not to mention, its going to be a great little memento to pull out and go through ten years from now.

Its a great habit to keep up with all year long, but lets be real, I have plenty of other habits I’m constantly working to make/break. Maybe this could be a product I test out in the shop next year around this same time?

What are you doing intentionally this month to add a little more thankfulness into your daily attitude?

Hooker Falls and Triple Falls







If Fall foliage and bringing home the smell of campfire smoke weren’t enough to get excited about camping in the North Carolina foothills, the promise of hiking to waterfalls sure did the trick.

Don’t get me wrong, camp fires and tents are enough to make a weekend great for me. But our plans to do a little hiking and see some waterfalls is what I was really looking forward to the most. We hiked a little near our campground, grabbed a snack and then headed out for a short car ride to Hooker Falls and Triple Falls.

Dupont State Forest is the home to about six listed waterfalls and who knows how many hidden ones. Hooker Falls and Triple Falls are part of the Little River, which empties into Cascade Lake, where we camped. Bill and I scrambled around on the rocks and boulders, skipped rocks, and tested out my waterproof hiking shoes–for the record, they only work as long as my whole foot isn’t submerged up to my shin. We climbed to the second landing of triple falls (not shown here) and took in the view. After climbing back down, we climbed a bajillion stairs to the lookout to see all three falls from a higher point.

I apologize I don’t have many photos to share. Well sort of. My phone and camera died so I captured most of it in my mind, instead. I can’t even start to tell you how beautiful the whole experience was. Just to be out of the city, in the fresh air, under gorgeous foliage, in this beautiful landscape, beside my best friend.

Penelopy Paper: Coffee Shop Companion


To be honest, this is probably the most excited and proud I have been to share a new product. Now available in Penelopy Paper: Coffee Shop Companion.

Several months back I set out in search for the perfect coffee shop journal. I love visiting the local places at home and when we travel. I love trying new drinks and I wanted a way to log my adventures. I found several options around the internet world but nothing quite like what I was hoping for.

Boom. Opportunity.

I set to work brainstorming exactly what my ideal coffee shop log would look like. What sorts of details did I want to be able to note? What sort of layout would I get the most out of? I sketched and played around with a few ideas and styles before I was really happy with the product. Something simple, to the point, and easy on the eyes.

Whether you enjoy coffee, tea, or mirco-brew, I’m sure this journal will fill your need. I encourage you to take it everywhere and share your experiences on Instagram tagging me @meghannlchapman so I can share in your fun.

Camping in Flat Rock, NC









In case you missed my complaints last year, Fall takes its time getting to the low country. Here it is the end of October and 85 degrees is still the norm. I hear you saying, “But that’s awesome! Its getting cold here and I hate it. Trade me!” But a world without real Falls and Springs is a sad, sad place to be.

Charleston has a really long summer,  a medium length winter and super teensy tiny baby Fall and Spring. Its disheartening, indeed.

This year, though, instead of waiting for Fall to come to us, we went to Fall. This past weekend we packed up our gear with another family and went camping in Flat Rock, NC. Ya’ll. The leaves. Were. Amazing. I don’t know if its because we missed most of the foliage last year, thus going so long without, or if its just a North Carolina foothills thing. The trees were really showing off their fancy duds, that’s for sure. We enjoyed and soaked it up as much as possible.

The weather was amazing: 70s during the days, 30s-40s during the nights. We sipped coffee and hot cocoa and cooked over a campfire. We wore hats and jackets and reveled in being away from the city. Nature sure does have a way of feeding the soul, doesn’t she?

We also went exploring some. I’ll share about the waterfalls we visited at a later time, though. These leaves are enough for one post. I don’t want to overwhelm you, after-all.

Penelopy Paper: Handmade Notebooks are Now Available


If you’re anything like me, you carry a notebook everywhere. I use them for notes, thoughts, ideas, sketches, things to remember, memories, and just to generally record anything that inspires me. I have them in my backpack, my purse, by my bed, and on my book shelf.

As promised, my handmade notebooks are now available in the Penelopy Paper Etsy shop. My handmade notebooks are printed with original watercolor illustrations by yours truly. Hop on over to order yours now.

While you’re browsing, you’ll also find there is a limited quantity of notebook and flat card sets in two styles. One of each to be exact. Hurry, paper lovers, before they’re gone.

As with all of my products, any item can be customized. If you would like a specific message or name added to anything, do not hesitate to ask.

This isn’t the end of product launches, though. I have another new item coming to the shop at the end of this week. A completely original item that I can’t wait to share with you. Check back soon!