Evaluating the Situation


I apologize for slacking on my posting lately. I’ve kind of been doing some re-evaluating of where I want/need to be right now in my “career,” creative endeavors and the online world and where that may lead me later. I’ll be honest, my thoughts towards the blog haven’t been so positive lately. Sometimes it just seems like a time sucker leading to no where.

I have, though, started reaching for a passion of mine: paper. I’d rather not talk too much about it, though, because of the fear of another dead end. Excuse my negativity.

But just so you know I’m still alive and present, here’s a little of what I’ve been up to via Instagram photos.

  • Jeff Chapman

    Time for a recharging of the batteries, eh? Or maybe more of a remapping of life in general? It is always good to constantly be looking for areas to improve, just be careful not to lose focus on the end product, whatever that may be! That was my problem a lot of my life, meandering around with way too many “things” cluttering up life. So many that I never really became a master at anything! Kind of the old jack of all trades master of none adage. While it is very good to have a wide-ranging knowledge base you still need to have that one true specialty. Keep looking!!

  • laurenbonk

    Dude, I’m telling you, it’s November. I think that one should always start projects in November with reckless abandon, but never make any serious life decisions until the month is over.