About Meghann

Hey Darlin’! Make yourself comfortable while I pour you a glass of sweet tea.

I’m Meghann, a small town girl from western Kentucky. I lived in Georgia for a few years when I was little then it was back to Kentucky. A little over a year ago, my husband took a job which transplanted our little family in Charleston, South Carolina. This city is beautiful and full of adventure but it sure is huge compared to what I’m used to.

I have an education in design and branding. I currently work as a graphic designer and production assistant for a local engraving company. On the side I do photography and stationery design, which I hope to one day turn into a full time job.

Continue to check back for new posts or feel free to see some of my work on my portfolio, Etsy shop or Society 6. Hope to see you again soon!

Can I hire you for photography sessions?
I hope you will! I can do family, individual, children, and wedding photos. Contact me and we’ll talk details and rates. P.S. I am willing travel.

Do you design stationery for events?
I sure can. Wedding, showers, birthdays, anniversary, fundraiser, church events… please contact me so we can get started.

Can I use your photos/writing?
You are free to use my work on your personal blog, as long as it is properly credited and linked back to my site. For commercial usage, please contact me.


**July 30 2013 Note:
I got this hair-brained idea to move my blog from FuzzyLittleWishballs.com to MeghannChapman.com to be more professional and  consistent in branding. After being suggested some helpful links with step-by-step instructions for the transition, things got crazy. Apparently it help to know the ‘language’ before attempting to use directions in said language. After getting confused, making a small mess and receiving little help, I decided to take matters into my own hands and figure it out. Alas, I made a bigger mess. Most of my photos have been lost in the transition. After a few silent panic episodes, I’m doing my best to breathe deeply and move on. I am doing my best to go back through and add them where possible, however it will be a slow process. I apologize for my mess and any confusion it may have caused.